Vesicash API V1

Transaction Parties

Ideally, all the parties buyer, seller, sender, recipient, charge_bearer should be have been specified at the initiation of a new transaction. However, we understand that some transactions may require that a party be added at a later time as opposed to doing so at the beginning of such transaction, hence, the need for this endpoint.
It is important to note that this endpoint works only for updating an existing party role or adding a completely new role that previously does not exist in the parties record of that transaction - you cannot have more than one role per parties.
For example, it is impossible to add anotherrecipientrole to a transaction that already has arecipient. Doing this will automatically update the previousrecipientrecord.
This endpoint allows you easily add a new party to a transaction:
add parties to transaction
As an example, you can a make a post request to the endpoint above and pass in the json data below to add a new party to a transaction.
"parties": {
"recipient": {
"account_id": 3881795242