Vesicash API V1


The Vesicash API supports basic authentication using Access Keys (public and private keys) which we provide to you within the Vesicash dashboard.
Public keys are meant to be used from any front-end integration like the vesicash widget, escrow pay link, escrow pay buttons and in our Mobile SDKs only. By design, public keys cannot modify any part of you or your customer account details besides initiating transactions and making payments. The private keys however, are to be kept secret. If for any reason you believe your private key has been compromised or you wish to reset them, you can do so from the dashboard.


Authenticate your API calls by including your private key in the header of each request you make.
--header 'accept: application/json' \
--header 'V-PRIVATE-KEY: v_EnterThePrivateKeyThatWasGeneratedHere'
Upon request, we will provide you test keys to perform test transactions. However, after testing, we must switch to using the Live keys in production when you finally deploying your implementations.
API requests made without authentication will fail with the status code 401: Unauthorized