Vesicash API V1

Funding a transaction

Transactions must be funded before the seller can delivery the product or service. When the funding endpoint it called, the user sees available payment methods such as Credit Card, Wire Transfer and Mobile Money.
fund a transaction
Due to the flexibility of our system, it has become easy to plug in any payment provider of choice to fund transactions. As such, the response you get may be a bit different from the above when you access this endpoint. What this means is, instead of the above response, you may get a response like this:
{ "status" : "ok", "message" : { "link" : "", "ref" : "vc7363674838" } } What this means is, the link in the response is to be pasted in the browser if you wish to see an actual interface to continue the payment on the website of the particular payment provider in use.
Test card details: 5531 8866 5214 2950 cvv: 564 Expiry: 09/22 Pin: 3310 otp: 12345
For example, you can a make a post request to the endpoint above and pass in the json data below to fund a transaction.
"transaction_id": "vhfLG5tcVHyCvuO6wytk"
Only when a transaction has been funded does the buyer protection begins, and the seller is instructed to ahead and ship the products or service.