Vesicash API V1

Due Date Extension

The due_date represents the date our escrow expects the delivery of a product or milestone to be made. In situations where a seller could not deliver said items on or before the specified due_date is reached, such seller can ask the buyer for more time by requesting a due_date extension. Our escrow system notifies the buyer who in-turn can accept to extend the date or reject such request.
This field is required in milestone and broker transaction.

Request for due date extension

When a request for due date extension is made, the buyer is notified to either accept the request and extend the due date or reject it.
Request for due_date extension can only be made by the seller or broker in that transaction.
request due date extension

Extend a due date

Only a buyer can extend the due_date, by specifying the new due_date for that transaction.
extend due date