Vesicash API V1

Create a product transaction

Consider a simple transaction between myself and a seller, where I am buying an Iphone for NGN300,000 and earpod for NGN50,000.
You need to set type attribute to 'product'
Create a product transaction
As an example, you can a make a post request to the endpoint above and pass in the raw json data below to create a product transaction.
"title" : "Purchase of Iphone and Earpod",
"type" : "product",
"products": [{
"title": "iphone",
"quantity": 1,
"amount": 300000
"title": "earpod",
"quantity": 1,
"amount": 50000
"description": "Description of the purchase of Iphone and Earpod",
"parties": {
"sender" : 5841206525,
"recipient": 9432695230,
"buyer" : 5841206525,
"seller": 9432695230,
"charge_bearer": 5841206525,
"shipping_charge_bearer": 4865544336,
"shipping_charge_recipient": 4865544336
"shipping_fee": 500,
"inspection_period": 1,
"due_date": "2/12/2020",
"currency": "NGN"