Vesicash API V1

Create a milestone transaction

Milestone transactions are necessary for buying and selling of services where the seller get the money after completion of specified milestones.
Specify multiple milestones and set type attribute to 'milestone'.
create a milestone transaction
As an example, you can a make a post request to the endpoint above and pass in the raw json data below to create a milestone transaction.
"title" : "Build an ecommerce app",
"type" : "milestone",
"description": "A new app",
"parties": {
"buyer" : 5841206525,
"seller": 9432695230,
"charge_bearer": 5841206525,
"milestones": [{
"title": "Build contact form",
"description": "Desc",
"amount": 250000,
"quantity": 1,
"inspection_period": 1,
"due_date": "12/12/2020"
"title": "Build mobile app",
"description": "Desc",
"amount": 1000000,
"quantity": 1,
"inspection_period": 2,
"due_date": "12/24/2020"
"inspection_period": 1,
"due_date": "2/12/2020",
"currency": "NGN"