Vesicash API V1


Disbursement is done automatically by our escrow infrastructure at the end of a transaction cycle. At the close of each transaction, funds is automatically disbursed directly into the bank details of recieving user. Knowing that different customer requires different usecases, we have built our technology to become very flexible.
Here are a few flexibility that we currently cater to:
  1. 1.
    We have made provisions for our premium and third-party resellers to trigger disbursement from their dashboard, giving them complete autonomy over when and how disbursement is be made. Depending on your country and preferred currency, we will tailor disbursement to meet your needs. Simply send an email requesting customization to [email protected]
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    We have also made it possible for customers to accumulate funds over a time period and request a disbursement into their bank account at a later date.